• Brand Development & Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Marketing & Sales Strategies
  • Character Designs
  • Effective Marketing Collaterals

Monkeys are known to be clever, fun and energetic. They like to amuse people to catch attention. Just like monkeys, we play around motivated and driven to create beyond-the-box, exceptional, and striking promotional materials that will help advertisers establish their brands.

A combination of strategic thinking and creativity is indeed part of our DNAs. Here, we run life with passion for creative excellence. We give much effort, perseverance and dedication to produce unique brand characteristics, whilst clearly telling brands’ stories. Not only that, we also exercise ingenuity in order to create engaging visual solutions. We assure you that we are definitely not just any ordinary monkeys.


  • Customized Softwares
  • I.T. & Technical Support
  • Mobile Application Developments
  • Interactive Media Presentations
  • Online Marketing, SEO & SEM
  • Online payment gateway
  • Mobile payment system

SilverTech™ is a provider of complete website and creative digital solutions for small to big corporations. It is created to help entrepreneurs cope with the growing advancement of economy by supplying them with dynamic and personalized digital arsenal at a very least cost.

In this digital world filled with techie ninjas, it is our goal to help businesses in their digital marketing. Thus, we provide services which cover almost all internet presence needs: Custom Visual Design, Website Programming, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration/ Renewal, Creation of E-mail Accounts, Website Maintenance, Web Reports and Updates, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Rich Content Management, Mobile Web Design, and Cross-platform applications.


  • Event Management
  • Multimedia Production
  • Design Fabrication & Staging
  • On-Ground Activation
  • Merchandising Campaign
  • Promotional Activities

Larger Than Life Events— the most desired result of any client; and actually just the meaning of StageOne™’s existence.

We, being event geeks, are here to give you integrated solutions. We acquire all the creative energy to produce a holistic approach in managing events.

From the very first day of event conceptualization to the last minute of event proper, StageOne™ will provide services to connect the brand with the right market.


  • Billboard Advertising
  • LED Board Advertising
  • Airport & Seaport Adverting
  • Shuttle Advertising
  • Agile and Moving Ads

People are known to be natural travelers. They go out of home to work, to learn, to play and to live. This is why we do not settle for just traditional advertising. We want to reach out brands to customers using media distributed across physical spaces nationwide.

To achieve a successful outdoor marketing, we absolutely work our fingers to our bones. From intensive research, planning, location identification, rate negotiation, design conceptualization, production, until campaign monitoring, the whole team is focused in giving program that best suits the needs and budget of the advertiser.

BrightSpaces™ makes certain that our Out of Home media will provide efficient ideas for geographical locations, which will create massive promotional impact!