Are you up for the challenge?

Key Account Specialist

Are you a fire joggler? A circus geek who can chew a head off a chicken? A snake charmer or a magician?  If you think you have the talent and skills to sell an ice cream to an eskimo, then you are the one we are waiting for. Be the next sales champ that will take the team to the winning edge! Be part of the team!

  • 22-27 years old, Male or Female
  • 2-5 years experience in Marketing & Sales
  • Graduate of any advertising / marketing related course
  • Highly Creative & Well Motivated
  • Goal Driven & Result Oriented
  • Charisma included
  • Good Communication skills (Oral & Written)

I.T. Ninjas

Can you turn water into wine? Or can you create a new technological breakthrough in today’s vast future? If you think you’re crazy enough to produce new ideas that will diversify our consumers needs and up to the challenge, then join the team now and let’s revolutionize technology!

  • Minimum of 2-5 years experience. Male or Female
  • Graduate of any IT related course
  • Can do software design (UI / UX)
  • Can do software Development based on specifications
  • Create efficient, scalable, reusable middle tier logic using any of ASP.NET, VB.NET, Classic ASP, XML, Visual FoxPro, C#, and other languages as needed.
  • Can manage database (SQL Server 2005/2008 or later)
  • Can manage servers (Windows / Mac / Cloud)
  • Comes with the right attitude
  • High in Technical Skills , Analytical, Strategic Thinking + Team Player

Web Design Rockstars

We are looking for rockstar developers that eat codes for breakfast, grind psd & html for lunch and crockpot css for dinner. Well, if you think you’re extra ordinary, send your credentials now and let’s change the game in the cloud.

  • 21-30 years old, Male or Female
  • Graduate of any IT related course
  • Develops custom web application using PHP framework
  • Develops custom modules for WordPress and Joomla or other CMS
  • Develops mobile site and responsive website
  • Converts from PSD to HTML and CSS
  • Ensures deliverables are deliver on time
  • Comes with the right attitude
  • Works with tight deadlines. Team Player

Design & Marketing Interns

Be one of our hand picked talents. Join our training program.

  • Enrolled 3rd Year – 4th Year Students
  • Fine Arts | Advertising | Communication Arts | MMA
  • With required OJT | SIT program
  • High common sense required
  • Teachable and Up to the task
  • Dynamic + Goal Driven
  • Can work / Train under pressure
  • Highly Creative

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